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For many people, buying or selling a house is one of the most significant transactions of their life, and it stands to reason that you’d want to turn to a professional rather than navigating the process on your own.

If you’re purchasing a new home or considering selling your house, your first inclination might be to enlist the help of a real estate agent. But while buying and selling agents can be a good option, you may be surprised to learn that a real estate attorney might actually be the best option.

False Bay

The stunningly beautiful coastline that spans from Hangklip to Cape Point, is known as False Bay.  It was named by Dutch sailors more than 300 years ago, because they confused it with Table Bay when they needed to replenish their supplies.

False Bay is the largest true bay along the South African coast and is considered one of the world’s great bays.

Photography: Bev Maclean Simpson | Cape Town’s Deep South. Email: Cell: 082 5939060

The bay has a rich history of naval battles, pirate visits and the establishment of seaports along its shores. It is a world of looming crags and cliffs, mountain passes and secluded and panoramic beaches.  The waters are full of great white sharks, visiting southern right whales, dolphins, penguins, seals and even orca.  Could you imagine living among the natural beauty of False Bay?  Its views and beauty are unmatched in the world.

Neil Parker Properties

In addition to practicing property law for 20 years, attorney Neil Parker is also a Conveyancer and a Notary and an avid real estate investor, which gives him the knowledge and experience to help you sell your house at the best possible price and on the best terms that you can hope for, attend to the conveyancing and ensure an efficient and timeous transfer of your property and deal with any post registration requirements.

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