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Hi Neil I just wanted to let you know that Alexia has been doing a great job. Yesterday I needed some urgent e-mails to go back and forth to secure my purchase ….and she played that back and forth action like a pro table tennis player. Well done Alexia, you exceeded my expectations! Thanks,

by Ryan Gliddon Continuous Improvement Manager

Thanks so much Alexia for service all the way through. Yes we are happily settled! Megan Euston-Brown

by Megan Euston-Brown

Thanks very much Alexia, I appreciate the efficiency of NPA.

by Kim Abrahams

Thanks again Alexia – you have been amazing!

by Linda MacDonald

Thanks so much to all for making this so quick, smooth and uncomplicated.

by Linda MacDonald

Neil – well done – this has been the smoothest property transfer I have ever been involved in, which is about a dozen or so. Hats off to you and your paralegal. And registration date bulls-eye against contractual intentions. Well done to Wayne too – another straight shooter – thanks for all that you did – your candour and reliability were much appreciated.

by Peter Eggeling