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What do we as Real Estate Attorneys do for you as a Seller?


Residential real estate is usually an owner’s biggest asset. However, the process of selling a home can be difficult, and even after the sale is concluded, legal problems can occur. As a homeowner, you deserve real estate attorneys who can represent your interests from the moment you decide to sell.


Prior, During, and Post Sale

Prior to the sale of a home, we as real estate attorneys:

  • Market your property using our own client database, internet portals, social media and property role player referral network. (You do not need to appoint a separate estate agent!) for an agreed fee.
  • Draft a client specific agreement of sale and ensure that it is worded to protect your interest at no charge extra charge.
  • Handle all legal issues regarding any mortgage that needs to be cancelled, or any other limited real right that needs to be extinguished prior to transfer, at no extra charge
  • Provide legal advice on any issue related to the sale of your house at no extra charge.
  • Provide recommendations for home inspection services, if needed, at no extra charge


During the sale of a home, we as real estate attorneys will:

  • Attend on the closing of any sale.
  • Ensure that all closing documents are properly signed and worded.
  • Handle any problems that may occur on the date of closing.
  • Provide counsel as to whether the closing should go forward if a problem occurs.
  • Attend to the complete conveyancing process and effect timeous registration of transfer in the Deeds Office at the cost of the purchaser


Post sale, we as real estate attorneys will:

  • Handle any disputes arising from the sale of your property, under a separate mandate
  • Handle any litigation which may arise from the sale, under a separate mandate
  • Draft lease agreements, or any other incidental agreements that may be required in respect of the property, if required, under a separate mandate.
  • Attend to repatriation of sale proceeds if they are required to be sent to a foreign country, under a separate mandate.

Amend your Last Will and Testament following any sale.


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